Agnes Lewicki: “Goodwin will work with you to make sure you succeed”


It had been 14 years since Agnes Lewicki last attended school. A retail manager at Lowes for 10 years, Lewicki decided to pursue a college degree after the birth of her child.

“I had wanted to be a nurse since I was nine,” Lewicki recalled.

This realization followed a weeklong stay in the hospital, one that had lasted through Halloween. She saw that some of the nurses dressed up in costumes so the children wouldn’t miss out on the festive holiday.

“It made such a difference,” Lewicki stated. She enrolled at Goodwin College in hopes of also being the kind of nurse who makes a difference.

“At Goodwin, the professors are easy to talk to, and I’ve developed close friendships with my classmates,” Lewicki said. “We’re all going through the same thing.”

Lewicki believes that Goodwin is the perfect school for someone who “has a life going on around them, because the Goodwin community will work with you to make sure you succeed.”

Lewicki is very interested in pharmacology and patient care and wants to combine her two interests along with a lot of hard work and become an anesthetist nurse.

By: Hannah Stacy






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