Histology Hybrid Program

Goodwin College is now offering a hybrid Histology program, in which students take didactic lectures online and attend Saturday in-class labs.

Students are able to spread their workload out into four semesters, making it more manageable. Students with a full-time job, family commitments, or various other obligations can still receive an education that will prepare them for a position in this lucrative health care field.

“I’m very excited to have this option to offer students who work during the week,” said Kelli Goodkowsky, Histology Program Director

Goodkowsky noted that Goodwin’s average student age recently increased from 28 to 30. “We’re hoping to attract a more experienced student who can bring real-life experience to the classroom – online or in-person.”

This specific program is open to seven students per year. Justin Kovalcek, current hybrid student, enrolled in Histology because of his fascination with the health care field.

“The study of tissue interested me and it seemed like a good fit. The program works well with my schedule and lifestyle. I stay home with my four-year-old during the day and I work nights.”

At 41, Kovalcek has been in the health care field for many years. His favorite part of the program is the hands-on lab work. “It’s not just about tissue. It’s about staining and dying molecules and organs. The program is carefully managed and involves critical thinking and working with leadership skills.”

Goodwin hopes to expand the hybrid program in years to come to account for students who lead a busy life, but still wish to receive an education in the health care field.



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