Best-Selling Author Marcus Engel Shows Goodwin Students How Compassion Changes Lives

The best-selling author and inspirational speaker shared his story of trauma and hope with several hundred Goodwin students, faculty, and staff.

3On November 3, inspirational speaker and best-selling author Marcus Engel spoke to a large crowd of Goodwin College health care students, faculty, and staff as part of an ongoing effort to provide insight and strategies for excellent patient care. Engel shared his harrowing, amazing health care story with several hundred students — primarily from the College’s nursing program — during two 90-minute conversations in the auditorium.

As a college freshman, Engel was struck by struck by a drunk driver in a traumatic car accident after that left him hospitalized for months and permanently blind. Through two years of rehab, more than 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery, and adaptation through a multitude of life changes, Engel witnessed the good, the bad, and the profound in patient care.

“My real passion is helping the people in the industry that helped me,” Engel told the Goodwin students. “This is where my passion is; this is what I like to do.” Engel related to the future nurses what a difference they could make in the lives of a patient in need, and how the everyday gestures of kindness made all the difference during his painful ordeal. Having obtained a master’s degree in Narrative Medicine, Engel hopes to teach nurses how to use writing and their own stories to help combat burnout and “compassion fatigue,” he said.

His keynote presentations have been witnessed by tens of thousands of health care professionals and his books are used in scores of nursing schools to teach the basic foundations of caregiving. Engel has authored four books and is at work on a fifth, Narrative Nursing, designed to help lead nurses into using proven techniques and therapeutic resources for dealing with the effects of compassion fatigue and avoiding burnout. His previous books include After This…An Inspirational Journey For All The Wrong Reasons; The Other End of the Stethoscope: 33 Insights for Excellent Patient Care; I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care; and Everyday Inspiration. Information about Engel can be found at


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