The Science of Tissue and the Science of Leadership

Goodwin College’s Histology program, which currently boast a 100% pass rate for the Board of Registry Certification Exam, has incorporated specially designed leadership classes into the Histology curriculum so that graduates will be able to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to become leaders in the field.

“The didactic sections of Goodwin’s Histology program are very sound, so we decided to include a leadership portion to give our students an edge that will allow for growth and promotion in the future,” said Histology Program Director Kelli Goodkowsky.

When making critical decisions in their patients’ care, pathologists rely heavily on the expertise of histotechnicians, who are responsible for preparing the tissue specimens pathologists use to render a diagnosis. Not only will graduates of the program have the skills necessary to be reliable employees, but they will also have acquired the critical thinking and writing skills to become influential leaders.

To launch the new leadership program, Dan Noonan, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Enrollment and a Goodwin business professor, led a thought-provoking discussion on what it means to be an effective leader with a class of 9 students.

Noonan quoted Simon Sinek, inspirational speaker and author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action and Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, who said: “There are leaders and then there are those who lead.” Not all those who lead are leaders and the difference between the two is crucial in the working world.

Today’s healthcare field accounts for a massive part of corporate America and is in critical need of frontrunners who will guide their employees in creating a positive, productive working environment. With a substantial number of histotechnicians about to age out of the workforce, it is imperative that schools produce graduates with both technical knowledge and the transferrable leadership skills that will allow them to advance their careers and strengthen the field of histology.

Goodwin College prides itself on its supportive work environment, positive academic and corporate cultures, and encouraging leadership. Coupled with the school’s mission as a career-driven institution, the addition of the Histology leadership program is a perfect fit.

Noonan used Goodwin as a framework for effective leadership.  “In order to be a leader, your job cannot be transactional, it must be transformational. Leaders must serve a greater purpose than their own,” Noonan stated.

Histology student Diane Wisniewski is grateful that the leadership education courses have been added to the Histology program. “This program gives us something to strive for and is preparing us for bigger and better things.”

Noonan went on to say that he is hopeful that students will rise through the ranks once they enter the working world.

Student Chris Viega hopes to use the leadership skills he learns to inspire others. “I hope I can motivate others to pursue their goals.”

Noonan left the students with one short, but intricate question: “How will you lead?”

Goodwin believes that this program will prepare graduates not only to prepare tissue specimens properly, but also to take on leadership roles and identify what type of leaders they hope to become within their chosen field.


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