Darryl Kenney: First MOVE or WISE Student in Nursing Program

Darryl Kenney, the first MOVE or WISE student to ever get into Goodwin’s Nursing program, has big plans for his future.

His ultimate goal is to become a flight nurse, a highly trained registered nurse who provides care to patients aboard helicopters or aircraft, or as Kenney likes to call it “an ambulance in the sky.”

1Kenney was introduced to Goodwin through the Summer Bridge Program, which is designed to bridge the gap for high school graduates looking to continue on into higher education.

Once he was accepted into the MOVE program, Kenney felt ready to start his college career. The program not only helped him financially, but also in ways he could have never imagined.

“The MOVE program was everything I envisioned and more. Without MOVE I wouldn’t have been exposed to the opportunities I’ve been given.”

Getting into the Nursing program was a challenge that he happily accepted. Working hard and balancing responsibilities are challenges with which Kenney is very familiar, having juggled four jobs and school. Kenney also took on the responsibility of mentoring three younger MOVE students whom he calls “little brothers.”

“They’ve been through many of the same life-changing experiences I’ve been through. It’s exciting to watch them grow and see their success.”

The Nursing program is exposing him to the type of fast-paced, high-intensity environment he hopes to thrive in once he graduates.

The MOVE and Nursing programs have not only helped Kenney become more of a leader, but they’ve also helped him stay on track and remain focused on his personal success.

“Goodwin has given me a different outlook on life and education. It’s a place where you can grow.”

By: Hannah Stacy

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