Chairman of Nationwide Manufacturing Certification Council Presents Certificates to Goodwin Students

As part of its ongoing initiatives to promote manufacturing job growth in Connecticut, Goodwin College was proud to host Leo Reddy in a series of talks from September 16 to 18. Reddy, the Chairman and CEO of the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), made numerous guest appearances on campus and throughout the state to promote manufacturing credentials.

New ImageReddy spoke with high school guidance counselors and local business leaders in an effort by the MSSC to create a dialogue to bridge the gap between education and industry. Reddy said that the future of manufacturing was currently walking the halls of our high schools. Despite manufacturing’s outdated reputation as a less desirable profession, today’s manufacturers actually require a highly skilled, highly trained workforce that can move throughout the industry as marketplace demands change.

“It’s not getting the certification or the degree,” Reddy said. “It’s not either/or — it’s both. You have to have an agile, flexible workforce that can adapt to new technologies.”

Reddy praised Goodwin College’s efforts in manufacturing education, saying that the College’s program was an exemplary model of the kind of positive relationship needed between educators, industry, and government.

“Goodwin College is doing more with our MSSC program than any other college in the country,” Reddy said. Goodwin is currently the only college in Connecticut that offers MSSC certification.

“We’re known for getting our students jobs,” Nick Lentino, Goodwin’s Assistant Vice President for Enrollment, said. “We’re teaching the new technology. We’re getting ahead of the supply chain.”

Lentino said that students could have the opportunity, through partnership programs with the College, to begin earning manufacturing credentials while still in high school.

Reddy also spoke to several students who were continuing their manufacturing education at Goodwin, personally presenting those who had completed their initial certifications with their MSSC certificates.

“You are the future of the industry’s needs,” Reddy told the students. “You’ve worked hard to be here, and this shows that you are the gold standard of the manufacturing workforce.”

Reddy appeared on WTIC’s “Mornings with Ray Dunaway” radio show and commented that other parts of the country have already embraced the certification concept and that it is just beginning to take hold in New England.

Reddy wrapped up his visit to Connecticut by sharing his message with local business leaders at an East Hartford Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event at Goodwin College.

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