WISE and MOVE Welcome Largest Incoming Class

The Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) hosted their annual Women Invested in Securing an Education (WISE) and Men of Vision in Education (MOVE) new student orientation on Wednesday, August 27. The program welcomed 56 new WISE/MOVE students and their parents to the Goodwin College Campus. The largest incoming class since the program began in the fall of 2008.

1This year’s orientation was run differently than in previous years. Under the supervision of WISE Coordinator Latanya Kennedy, the current WISE /MOVE students took the lead and guided the hour-long breakout sessions. “The older students provided guidance and leadership while presenting on the benefits of the programs. They encompassed the true meaning of giving back,” said Kennedy.

During the breakout sessions, incoming students learned first-hand what it means to be a WISE/MOVE student, as senior members introduced the concepts of REAL (Respect, Empowerment, Accountability, and Leadership) and ROAD (Responsibility, Opportunity, Accountably, and Dedication), the WISE/MOVE core principals. In addition to discussing the program’s core principals, incoming students engaged in rich conversation with current students as they shared their personal experiences in the programs.

Parents were treated to an interactive activity that highlighted the demands their students will face in the first year of college. Aaron Isaacs, the Director of EOP, led parents in an experiential activity that focused on student growth, while balancing education, life, and family. “I wanted an opportunity to engage parents as an extended support network and help them understand the critical role they play in their child’s collegiate success,” Isaacs noted.

On behalf of Goodwin College’s Board of Trustees, Dr. John Walters provided the closing remarks for the event; he emphasized to students the importance of taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity and utilizing the supports that Goodwin College offers. Students and parents left the event excited and eager to start the fall semester.

Written by: Kelsey Woodford, EOP Community Consultant and VISTA AmeriCorps Volunteer


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