Goodwin College Mentoring Program to Launch in 2015

Goodwin College is developing a mentoring program that will pair Goodwin alumni from various programs with current students looking for educational and professional advice.

The program will offer alumni the chance to share their insight, guidance, and experience with current students to provide a holistic environment that will allow them to succeed.

Vanessa Pergolizzi, Student Engagement Associate, Nasreen Mustafa, Career Counselor, and Michael Wolter, Management and Leadership Program Director, are spearheading this significant program set to launch in 2015.

“I’ve learned from my years as a mentor and a mentee that having someone to help prepare you, guide you, develop you, and be a resource to you as you enter into the workforce is a huge benefit. A program like this will not only enhance the Goodwin brand, but give our students the edge to succeed,” Wolter stated.

For each new generation of students to thrive, they need support, encouragement, and vision. Being a mentor provides rewarding opportunities to pass on valuable life skills and is a meaningful way to continue to stay connected and leave a lasting mark.

Pergolizzi, a 2007 graduate of Central Connecticut State University, is a great example of what it means to give back and stay involved. She was approached by her alma mater to join their mentoring program, the Central Sophomore Initiative, and graciously accepted the offer.

New ImageShe was paired with CCSU student and mentee Victoria Orozco, who is currently in the exploration stage and development process of her journey, like many young college students. Orozco joined the program to learn more about the types of careers offered and to get a feel for life after college and had the opportunity to job shadow Pergolizzi in her role at Goodwin.

“Coming to Goodwin really opened my eyes. I learned new ways to network and get involved,” Orozco noted.

Through this program, Pergolizzi was able to pass on her knowledge and expertise to a student who was looking for direction, encouragement, and assistance.

“It feels good to be instrumental in nurturing a student’s goals and aspirations and to be a part of shaping them into unique individuals,” Pergolizzi noted.

From a career viewpoint, students will put themselves in a much more marketable position by joining a mentoring program. Employers are looking for students who are involved, active in their growth, and motivated to learn and succeed.

“Students will receive exposure to a variety of opportunities, ranging from job shadowing, career preparation workshops, and outreach opportunities. The program will ultimately lead our students to achieve success beyond graduation,” Mustafa stated.

If you would like to learn more about the mentoring program or how to get involved, please contact Vanessa Pergolizzi at or 860-913-2160.

By: Hannah Stacy

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