Christa Allard: #mygoodwinstory

Goodwin College health science student Christa Allard posted to CT Working Moms on Twitter about how being a student the second time around has changed her world for the better. She also sent a tweet to Goodwin College’s #mygoodwinstory to share her blog post on how she balances her life.

As a mom, wife, and student — as well as a high school cheerleading coach — Allard has many roles to maintain. “Multitasking is second nature now,” she says.

Allard says that as an adult learner she feels a more personal connection to the faculty and staff. “I love the dynamic here. Everyone is so accommodating, and they want you to get the most out of your education.”

New ImageHaving previously worked in nonprofit communications, she decided to re-examine her career option and return to school. Allard’s daughter was beginning preschool, and she knew it was perfect time to make change.

“The timing was just right,” Allard recalled, “I had been giving all of myself to my daughter, and it was time to find the right balance again.”

Attending school is a conscious choice, now more than in the past. “This time [making education a priority] was deliberate,” she says. “It was a decision to change directions and plot a new course.”

She credits her family and Goodwin’s faculty and staff for motivating and supporting her through this process.

Allard plans to use her education at Goodwin to become a lactation consultant. “I want to help new moms during this process. Becoming a mother impacted me greatly and with a background in advocating for women’s rights, it has been a natural transition.”

Allard feels that she is on the right path and is confident in her decision to come back to school. “Goodwin is preparing me for a very specific career. I’m receiving an education that will allow me to hit the ground running when I graduate.”

If you’d like to share your story, send a tweet to Goodwin College using the #mygoodwinstory hashtag for a chance to win a gift card!

Check out the CT Working Moms website to read more of Allard’s blog posts:

By: Hannah Stacy

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