Teara Aris: Dual Enrollment Pays Off for CTRA/Goodwin Student

Teara Aris, a Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) graduate and current Goodwin College student, was one of the College’s first dual enrollment scholars. The dual enrollment program was created to provide high school students with the opportunity to take college courses for credit and to ease the transition to their next level of learning.

Tyrone Black, Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator, explained the benefits of the program. “The early college program at Goodwin College offers meaningful learning opportunities for students beyond their high school experience. Students who take full advantage of this program and its resources are more likely to build the academic and social skills necessary to be ready for college and careers.”

Aris came to CTRA as a sophomore and took college courses during her junior and senior years. “It was nice to have all of the pre-requisites out of the way like English, math, and biology before actually being enrolled in college.”New Image

In 2013, she was a member of CTRA’s first graduating class and felt well prepared for the next step. “The Goodwin teachers expected us to be college students even though we were still in high school. I worked harder and because of this I was very independent coming into college.”

She decided to enroll in Goodwin’s Health Science program the following fall. “My little cousin has sickle cell anemia,” she said, “and he really was my inspiration to go into health care.” In the future, Aris hopes to use her education to help patients like her cousin. “Watching him go in and out of the hospital is hurtful. I want to work with patients just like him. I want to work hard and to be useful.”

Throughout her high school experience, Aris noted, one instructor really helped her along the way: CTRA English teacher JT Foster. “I was behind in English, but Mr. Foster was so helpful and patient with me. He taught me how to read and write more efficiently and explained things in a way I understood.”

Foster had equally kind words about Aris’ work ethic and drive. “From the start, Teara was a student who let nothing get in the way of her academic success. She had some setbacks, but persisted, and with a good sense of humor, she took risks that in the end put her ahead of many of her peers. She is an inspiration.”

As a Goodwin student, Aris is a now part of the WISE (Women Invested in Securing an Education) program, which supports the academic and personal success of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. “WISE helped me socialize and meet new people. I appreciate all the advice I get from the leaders and mentors of the program.”

Aris is realizing great satisfaction from her experience at Goodwin College. She will graduate with an associate degree in Health Science in May 2015, plans to continue on to receive her bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and hopes to work in the areas of hematology and oncology.

By: Hannah Stacy


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