Goodwin Students Attend Law Enforcement Panel

On Monday, April 7, Goodwin College’s Career Services team accompanied several students to the Second Annual Federal Law Enforcement Career Panel and Networking Event in New Haven. The program began with a panel featuring United States Attorney for Connecticut Deirdre Daly and several agency heads. Following the discussion, students from Connecticut colleges were able to network with agencies including the FBI, DEA, and Secret Service.

Goodwin Public Safety student Sarah Harper appreciated being able to ask professionals for advice. “After talking to the agents, I learned that in this field, you need real-world experience, which reinforces Goodwin’s philosophy. Goodwin employs professors who work or have worked in the field and can share their knowledge with us. They also assist students in finding internships to build their resumes.”

New Image2

Manny Sanchez, Employee Relations Coordinator for Goodwin, spoke about the importance of networking. “The students valued hearing from the agents who spoke about their individual journeys and the steps they took to be where they are today. They had the opportunity participate in discussions that truly gave them a unique experience.”

Alex Stagnaro, Criminal Justice student, gained insight into the many careers offered in his planned field. As a first generation student, Stagnaro takes advantage of the tools Goodwin provides him with so he can secure a stable job in the future. “I came away with a better idea of what I want to do. I learned it’s not always about catching the bad guy; it’s about standing up for those who were wronged.”New Image

Lee Hameroff, Director of Career Services, hopes that the students benefited from meeting with these real professionals, who provided stories about their challenges and successes. “Events like these serve as a motivator. This one, in particular, was important for students because it incorporated opportunities to develop the necessary soft skills that employers are looking for, such as communication and confidence.”

By: Hannah Stacy


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