From Student to Teacher

In a bold and unusual leap from learner to instructor, Bruce Hoffman went from Goodwin Nursing student to nursing faculty member at Springfield Technical Community College.

As a part of a trial study for Goodwin’s online RN to BSN nursing program, Hoffman excelled in his courses while still living in Maryland. “It was so convenient to do my school work from home, and if I needed to come [to campus] to get support, I could.”

After speaking with one of his advisors about potential options in his chosen field, Hoffman decided to pursue education as a career. “I wanted to be able to promote something that could drastically change people’s lives.”

While in school, Hoffman, a registered nurse and licensed paramedic, elected to take a course abroad in Haiti, a devastated country desperately in need of quality health care. He immersed himself in the unfamiliar culture in hopes of learning, growing, and sharing his knowledge with others. With his experiences in Haiti now part of his working knowledge in health care, Hoffman has been able to bring a level of invaluable expertise to his work.

Hoffman and his students

Hoffman and his students

“I had great educators throughout my life and at Goodwin. The professors were  all nurses at the start of their education careers, so they bring real-life experience to the classroom. As a student, if you’re willing to put in the time and energy, the faculty will match that 100%. I want to give that type of experience to my students.”

With a teaching style that’s direct, deliberate, and fair, Hoffman holds his students accountable. “We have 60 days [in an Associate Degree nursing program] to prepare our students clinically and to become functioning nurses; it’s not a field where you can sit back and relax. We have to move quickly and efficiently.

Hoffman’s students speak of him fondly and respectfully. “As a teacher, he really captures our attention. He is fun, informative, entertaining, and thorough,” one student remarked. “He pushes you to be better.”

As an educator, Hoffman demands excellence from his students. “You have to be dedicated and motivated. Bruce gives us constructive criticism and feedback as we learn,” another student added.

Hoffman is currently pursuing his master’s degree online in Educational Leadership at Western Governors University. His dedication, energy, and desire to continuously learn set a great example for his students to follow.

Nursing is a career for the compassionate and kindhearted. “You can’t teach somebody to care, but you can facilitate and promote it. Nursing students need to have an innate desire to care for others, and I can help them foster that and be great,” Hoffman stated.

By: Hannah Stacy


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  1. Nice article Bruce, keep
    Up the good work. Love you, dad

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