Family Environment At Goodwin Takes On New Meaning

Goodwin College prides itself on its family-like environment, and in some unique cases students are actually related. Family members Briana Camacho, Charlene Gross, and Tarisha Gross are wonderful examples of what makes Goodwin a special place to learn and grow.

After Tarisha came to the College in 2012 to study Human Services, she encouraged her sister, Charlene, and niece, Briana, to consider Goodwin as well.

Charlene, Briana, and Tarisha

Charlene, Briana, and Tarisha

“The environment at Goodwin is mature and focused. The professors here lead and guide you — they have given me insight. All the resources you need are here,” Tarisha commented.

Charlene, currently enrolled in General Studies, hopes to enter the Business program. She works full-time, so having a flexible school schedule was an important consideration. “I mostly take online classes, which is really convenient for me. I’ve also taken advantage of the e-tutoring program when I need help on certain assignments.”

Hoping to receive a promotion within her current company and eventually create a nonprofit organization to address domestic violence, Charlene takes her studies seriously. “All of the classes are useful and align with what I want to do. I want to give myself leverage to move up within my company.”

Briana Camacho completed Goodwin’s Summer Bridge program, designed to bridge the gap between high school and college. Summer Bridge prepared Briana well for her college experience. “Summer Bridge taught me how to be responsible. I wouldn’t be as focused at any other school,” she said.

Now enrolled in General Studies, Briana hopes to be accepted into the Nursing program. “Nursing is a competitive program. I need to give it my all.” She is also a member of WISE (Women Invested in Securing an Education), which promotes the academic and personal success of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. She receives valuable support through WISE and has formed wonderful connections.

Tarisha, Charlene, and Briana support and encourage one another in pursuing their dreams. “We talk about our classes and experiences. My mom and aunt have given me a lot of insight,” Briana stated.

It’s fairly common for various generations to attend the same college, but it’s rare that family members attend at the same time and at various ages. Goodwin College fosters learning regardless of age and hopes that stories like this inspire others to take the leap into bettering their lives through education.

By: Hannah Stacy

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