Serving Country and College: Matthew Banville Uses Skills Learned on Duty to Serve His Students

Matthew Banville, Goodwin College Assistant Registrar since January 2014, knows much about the benefits and challenges of Army life and is using that understanding to guide the students he works with at Goodwin.

A resident of Ellington, Connecticut, Banville had a history with Goodwin College before deploying with the military. After graduating from Central Connecticut State University in 2010 with a degree in business and completing the ROTC program at UConn, Banville joined Goodwin as an academic advisor.

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Since joining the Army in 2008, Banville has served at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Fort Lewis, Washington and Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  In May 2012, he departed Goodwin for active duty and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas before deploying to Southwest Asia. Six years later, now First Lieutenant Banville explained that Army life is not exactly as portrayed in the media and movies. “It’s harder to be a leader than it is a follower, but it’s worth it,” he stated.

Before his return home, Banville was curious to see if any jobs were open at Goodwin. He applied and was hired in his new position as Assistant Registrar. “It’s hard for some to adjust to coming back to the United States,” Banville noted, “but Goodwin made transitioning easy for me.”

Banville is working full-time at Goodwin and is still involved in the CT Army National Guard. He participates in monthly training events and is heavily involved in disaster relief when necessary. The CT Army National Guard works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support disaster relief and provide a network of transportation assets. “We provide the logistical infrastructure to distribute commodities such as ready-to-eat meals, salt, and water,” he explained.

Banville’s years in the military have instilled in him a sense of responsibility as well as a mission-driven philosophy. “The military has provided me with a ‘by the book’ way of operating. I’m firm, but fair when it comes to work.”

In his new role, Banville appreciates Goodwin’s willingness to change and grow. “Goodwin is still in its infancy. It’s a young, moldable college. Nothing is set in stone like state schools or old universities. You can be creative and people will appreciate that and hear out your ideas.”

Goodwin provides a good balance for Banville. “I understand the mission of the College and apply my skill set from the Army. Goodwin has a warm and friendly environment especially in comparison to the logistically focused environments I’ve worked in.”

Although juggling a full-time job and serving in the National Guard can prove challenging at times, they provide Banville with a sense of security and fulfillment knowing that he is serving our country and Goodwin’s students.

By: Hannah Stacy


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  1. One does not simply “DEPLOY” to Kentucky

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