New Community Partnership Will Help Support Development of School Principals and Teachers

Goodwin College and the Yancy Management Group Inc. of Connecticut are pleased to announce that a partnership between their two organizations has resulted in a generous grant from the Fairfield County Community Foundation. The $10,000 award will support an innovative, peer-based program that will focus on a 2014 series of leadership discussions for school principals and teachers from towns and cities in Fairfield County.

Designed in partnership with the Connecticut State Department of Education, the Forum Educational Leadership Programs (FELP) are a variation of a program first established by Early J. Yancy, head of the Yancy Management Group.

In an environment of confidentiality and carefully structured activities, groups of eight to 12 educators moderated by Mr.Yancy will meet to talk candidly about topics important to them, share access to their personal networks, and draw out the collective wisdom of members to use as best suits their needs.

The forums are unique in that while they focus on work, they also allow members to share their aspirations.

“Goodwin College is committed to building bridges between education, commerce, and community. We believe

that this new partnership is true to our mission and will help strengthen the state’s education system,” said Marion Leonard, Grants Manager for Goodwin’s College Relations and Advancement. “Teachers, principals, superintendents and students will benefit from this unique model. We’re very pleased to be part of this new opportunity for educators.”

“Without natural allies or peers, school leaders often feel isolated in trying to balance discordant public and professional expectations,” said George Coleman, retired former acting commissioner of education in Connecticut. “Through FELP, school principals can convene to collaborate, strategize, and collegially critique each others’ plans for school improvement and professional success.”

“By re-energizing educators on a peer basis, this program will help minority principals and superintendents achieve personal and professional goals that will better their schools and surrounding communities,” Mr. Coleman added.

“Goodwin believes that educational success is best brought about by creative networking and problem solving of educators at all levels,” added Ms. Leonard.


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