Husband and Wife Set To Graduate Together

Justin Greene and his wife, Casey Sholes-Greene, have been married for a little over a year and are expected to graduate from Goodwin College in May of 2014. Justin will be graduating with a degree in Medical Assisting and Casey with a certificate in Phlebotomy.

Before they became familiar with Goodwin, Justin was working part-time at Home Depot, and Casey found work as a certified nursing assistant. After seeing commercials that highlighted  the College’s career-focused degree programs, Justin decided to make a positive change by furthering his education and signing up for classes at Goodwin. Inspired by her husband’s example, Casey enrolled at Goodwin in search of a promising career as well.

“My husband said it was a great school. He highly recommended it to me,” Casey recalled.

The couple was up for the challenge, and they have been each other’s source of support and encouragement along the way. “It’s nice to live with somebody who will help motivate you,” Justin noted.

sgsMany students come to Goodwin with a specific career in mind, but all have the common desire of significantly changing their lives for the better. “I didn’t just want a job; I wanted a meaningful career. I wanted to do something more,” Justin said.

Initially, Justin entered the Medical Billing and Coding program, but eventually was attracted to a career that would allow him greater interaction with patients, so he enrolled in Medical Assisting. “Medical Assisting at Goodwin is preparing me for a career where I can continuously challenge myself,” Justin stated.

Casey also feels positive about the knowledge she will be taking with her after graduation. “Goodwin taught me about responsibility. I didn’t know much about the health care field before coming to Goodwin, but now I feel confident in my abilities,” Casey said.

Goodwin’s atmosphere and supportive environment have been large factors in Justin and Casey’s success. “The teachers promote hands-on learning and have practical knowledge in the health care field. They truly want you to succeed,” Justin said. Of the changes that he and Casey are making, he continued, “I could not be more proud of us.  We’ve both made the same great decision: to get our degrees together at Goodwin.”

The health care field is something Justin and Casey are both very passionate about, with plans to come back to Goodwin to obtain degrees in Nursing. “We want to further our careers and continue learning,” Casey stated.

Trading in the rice and flowers for caps and gowns, Justin and Casey will be walking down yet another aisle together with high hopes and expectations for their future.

By: Hannah Stacy


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