Tiffany Williams – From Tragedy to Triumph Touching One Life, One Heart, One Soul

Goodwin College graduate Tiffany Williams has encountered more than her share of life-altering events and emerged on the other side with a promising college degree, a fulfilling career, and the determination to succeed at all costs. Having recently earned her associate’s degree in Human Services, Williams, the first in her family to attend college, plans to continue her education in the near future.

“Before Goodwin, I was working dead-end jobs. I wasn’t doing anything productive,” she states bluntly.

Following the tragic murder of her long-term boyfriend in 2008, Williams decided to make some necessary changes in order to heal — and to grow. “His death made me realize I needed to do something positive with my life. I wanted to turn my life around, so I enrolled at Goodwin in January of 2009.”

Originally, Williams hoped to become a nurse, but ultimately changed her course of study. Realizing that she wanted to help people in a different way, she decided to enroll in Goodwin’s Human Services program.

The field of Human Services offers a wide variety of opportunities for those with a strong desire to help others by enhancing their quality of life and addressing issues in human growth and development. Just as Williams was able to promote a positive change in her own life after such devastation, she wanted to assist others in doing the same. “Things in my life were starting to align and make sense,” Williams recalled.

Her studies at Goodwin provided a sort of anchor in the coming months, as the birth of her daughter in 2011 was followed by serious health issues for Williams’ mother six months later. During this time, she sought strength through prayer, and her unwavering faith kept her afloat. “It definitely took a toll on me. I wanted to give up so many times, but I didn’t. And I kept my grades up in spite of everything,” Williams said.

The day after she graduated, Williams was offered a full-time position working with women recently released from incarceration. She had three other offers for full-time employment from organizations seeking someone with her expertise, education, and skill set. “I can’t tell you the joy I experienced that all these positions were offered to me. I felt really proud,” Williams stated.

Reaping the benefits of a college degree has made her even more determined. “Hard work pays off. I’ve learned so much from Goodwin that I carry with me now. I’m going to achieve my goals no matter what,” Williams said.

Williams hopes to continue advocating for her clients, sharing her story and personal experiences with them, and making a difference. “If I can touch at least one life, one heart, one soul, it’s all worth it to me.”

By: Hannah Stacy


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