Tough but Worthwhile; Goodwin Students Share First-Year Experiences with High School Seniors

As they imparted their experiences to a group of high school seniors, the panel of Goodwin College students didn’t sugarcoat what it takes to succeed.  However, for those up to the challenge, the reward is worthwhile and the experience is tremendous.

Panelists described their experiences in college and the transition from high school to Goodwin College.

Panelists described their experiences in college and the transition from high school to Goodwin College.

On Thursday, December 19, four Goodwin students shared their respective college experience with East Hartford High School and Synergy Alternative High School seniors who were visiting campus. The Goodwin panel – comprised of students Maraya Medeiros, Kayleigh Miller, Janelis Santana, and Travis Samuels – provided tips on how to make a good transition and what to expect from instructors. All four panelists are members of “The Crew,” a student group that promotes school spirit and Goodwin activities.

Medeiros, Miller, and Santana are all first-year students who hope to earn a baccalaureate degree in Nursing. They stressed the importance of time management and good communication with professors.

“College is way more in-depth than high school and you really have to pay attention in class,” said Miller, who graduated from Fermi High School in Enfield in June and enrolled at Goodwin later in the summer. “If you come here with a good attitude, the adjustment will be better.”

Medeiros, of Bristol, explained how she benefited from the Summer Bridge Academy, a program that helps high school  students learn the skills to succeed in college while also earning transferable credits. Through the Academy, she learned about balancing her time and made valuable connections. She is now a member of the Women Invested in Securing an Education (WISE) program.

“Professors here are fun and nice, but they’re not going to hold your hand,” Medeiros said.

Santana is a graduate of East Hartford High School, which earned her some favor among the EHHS seniors attending the panel. She agreed with Medeiros that professors are tough and “won’t baby you,” though they will help students to reach their potential.

“If you really push to show how much you want to be educated, the professors at Goodwin will really help you,” Santana said.

Samuels was able to offer a different perspective. He previously earned his Associate Degree at Goodwin and had a great experience here. After matriculating to Springfield College in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Samuels transferred back to Goodwin, where he is on track to earn a baccalaureate Human Services degree.

“It was a great move for me,” Samuels said. “I still feel like this is home. I feel comfortable here.”

In addition to managing time wisely and studying diligently, Samuels suggested that first-year students get involved. He speaks from experience: in addition to serving on the Crew, Samuels also serves as founder and president of the Goodwin Dance Team, plays club basketball and flag football, and is secretary of the Men of Vision in Education (MOVE) program.


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