Goodwin Car and Bike Share Programs Expand Transportation Options

With the campus constantly expanding, Goodwin College is implementing two new and environmentally friendly transportation opportunities to help students and employees get where they need.

The College is partnering with UHaulCarShare for the first initiative, a vehicle-rental program accessible from Riverside Drive 24 hours a day. For the second, Goodwin is launching a bike share program which allows free access to students to the 15 bicycles now on campus.

Goodwin owns properties throughout East Hartford, extending from the main campus on Riverside Drive to the area neighborhood and to points all along Main Street. Through the car and bike share programs, all areas of the campus will be accessible.


The Car Share program has begun operating on campus. UHaul has provided a Nissan Cube to Goodwin, which is parked in front of the main building next to the electronic car charging stations.

“Offering the UHaulCarShare Program is a valuable — and practical — way to make transportation available to those who need to get around our expanding campus. It’s a great benefit to the people we serve,” said Bryant Harrell, Goodwin College Vice President for Physical Facilities and IT.

All Goodwin students, staff, and faculty members with a driver’s license and a credit card are eligible to use the service. For a reduced fee, participants will be able to use the car to complete errands and do other tasks where personal transportation is required.

To use the service, participants must register online at They will be asked to create a profile and photograph their driver’s licenses and themselves. Approval is a matter of minutes and managing reservations can be done directly from a smartphone.

The fee for use is $4.95 per hour plus $0.49 per mile, with a maximum of $8.75 per hour.

According to UHaul, the service effectively takes 20 personally-owned vehicles off the road, in turn removing parking congestion while reducing environmental impact.

Goodwin Bike Share

IMG_0140The Bike Share program is also up and running on campus. Goodwin has 15 bicycles available for use, providing a healthy alternative to driving from building to building throughout the College facilities in town.

Bikes are available at three different locations: One Riverside in the main parking lot (next to the Car-Share), 403 Main Street, and 1137 Main Street. There is no charge for students, staff, faculty, and other members of the greater community to participate.

Users must register online at After registration is approved, participants may go to claim a bike. A telephone number is displayed on the bike. After dialing the number, the user receives the combination password unlock to bike. They then have possession of the bicycle for up to 3 hours before it must be returned.

For more information, email


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