A Letter From Admissions


My name is Nick Lentino and I am the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment at Goodwin College. I wanted to reach out personally to discuss what Goodwin College can offer you.

At  Goodwin College, we know employment is one of the most important  outcomes of a college education. That’s why we only offer in-demand, career-focused degrees which result in jobs after graduation. We welcome students to bring transfer credits from other schools to apply towards an education here at Goodwin.

We know that your education is important to you, but that it may not be your only priority in life. That’s why we offer day, evening, weekend, on-ground, hybrid and online classes. To further accommodate our students we offer three semesters annually, both accelerated 7 1/2-week and standard 15-week courses, providing you with the capability to finish your degree at your own pace.

Luckily, at Goodwin, you can pursue your degree regardless of your financial resources. Most students start classes with little or no out-of-pocket expense.

Goodwin works directly with employers, giving students direct access to valuable internship and employment opportunities before and after graduation. We offer tutoring, counseling, mentorship, and a supportive classroom environment making it easier for you to succeed, regardless of the skills you have when you start.

Please reach out to me personally so we can further discuss options for your future.

Start Classes September 9th.

Contact Us Today!
Visit Goodwin.edu/LearnMore
Or call 800.889.3282

Thank you,

Nick Lentino
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
Director of Admissions


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