Meet Nicole Randall – BS Child Study ’12 Graduate

Guest Blogger: Nicole Randall, BS Child StudyNicole_nogradient ’12 Graduate


I had attended colleges before Goodwin College, right after high school and when I moved to Florida, but never received my bachelor’s degree. I always loved being around and volunteering with children and knew that I wanted to make my passion a reality so I came to Goodwin to pursue my education in Early Childhood Education and Child Study. My husband was very supportive of me going back to school and continued to be throughout my entire time at Goodwin even while we had a baby on the way.


While attending Goodwin, I worked full time and took three night classes a week, hybrid, online, and on-ground courses. All of my teachers understood that their students had lives outside the classroom – family obligations, job responsibilities, etc. and worked with us and our schedules.  Goodwin helped me to land a wonderful internship where I worked at an Early Care and Education Center with young children from infants to Kindergarteners. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience and Goodwin really prepared me for that.


I am now a lead teacher at the Early Care and Education Center I interned at. I love the parent and children interaction on a daily basis and that I can be a resource and not just a teacher. My boss is amazing and extremely supportive of my education, family and career. What I love the most about my job is that every day is a new day and that keeps me going. I make a difference in the children’s lives and they make a huge difference in mine.

– Nicole Randall

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