Connecticut River Academy High School Students Earn Boating Safety Certification

Nearly three dozen Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin College students from across Greater Hartford earned boating safety certification by passing a rigorous U.S. Coast Guard test. The students took part in a program through the school, with assistance from members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary led by W. David Marriott, Division Commander, 125 ISR.

Science teacher Jennifer Reilly taught the Water Stewardship course, in which the students spent ten weeks preparing for the exam. They learned skills including chart reading, rules of the road, safe operating practices, and marine regulations.  In addition, following the Connecticut River Academy’s Environmental Studies theme, they explored the environmental impacts of personal and community boating activities.

“This course is an excellent representation of the opportunities and experiences our environmental studies magnet high school can offer to students.” said Michele Saulis, the environmental theme coach.

Students were proud of their accomplishment and certification in boating. Sophomore Liz Boccardi said, “Now I know when I am on the river with my family and friends that we need to be more cautious about the environmental impact that recreational boating can have on the river.”

The JHM Group of Companies provided substantial financial assistance to help students afford the fees associated with obtaining the certification. John McClutchy, president of the JHM Group of Companies, praised this collaboration. “Our partnership with Goodwin College reflects the focus we have on education and community participation.”


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