Success through Dedication and Perseverance


John Robinson

Working multiple jobs without a set career path was not what John Robinson envisioned for his professional life. He was determined to find a fulfilling, stable profession that would allow for progress and evolvement.

With true dedication and various resources available at Goodwin College, John, who will be graduating in June from Goodwin College’s Medical Billing & Coding program, completed an externship at the Hartford Healthcare Office of Professional Services and was offered a full-time job.

Looking for the chance to grow professionally and as a person, John researched Goodwin and all it has to offer.  “I was looking for a new career path. I was working in restaurant/kitchen positions and other various jobs, but I wanted to move ahead. I wanted a new beginning. I was raised in East Hartford and I was familiar with the Goodwin campus.  Goodwin was growing as a college and I wanted to grow as a person,” John stated.

John had been utilizing Career Services even before he began looking for a career in his field. He was set up with a temp agency through Goodwin and worked at Northeast Utilities doing clerical work.  When one project expired, John moved on to another company. He experienced periods of unemployment while in school, which caused stress, but supported his goal for pursuing higher education.

John worked with Lee Hameroff, the Director of Career Services, on multiple occasions. “Mr. Hameroff helped me build a strong resume, which ended up being the resume that was submitted by Career Services for my externship. I always received the help I was seeking.”

John’s experience at Goodwin was nothing but a positive one.  “My instructors made my experience very enjoyable.  They were always available after class and during office hours to help out which made me feel like they were putting their all into giving us everything that we needed.”

John learned to be a positive, supportive teammate while in school and transitioned that attitude into his career.  “What I’ve learned at Goodwin has prepared me for my career. They treat me like family here at Hartford Healthcare Office of Professional Services just like they treated me at Goodwin.”

John is one of many students at Goodwin College determined to build a more stable, fulfilling life and he has done just that. “I would recommend Goodwin to anyone who may be trying to further their education. I couldn’t have made a better choice and would definitely advocate to all incoming students who are serious in furthering their career.”

By: Hannah Stacy


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