Nursing Student David Mifflin Embodies the Goodwin College Spirit

Prior to enrolling at Goodwin College, David Mifflin had a comfortable yet professionally unfulfilling life. He was gainfully employed and a member of a union, earning a decent living wage. However, he wasn’t truly happy with the direction his career was taking.

Nursing Student David Mifflin is the winner of the Wireless Zone scholarship and will be a speaker at the "Under the Big Top" Gala.

Nursing Student David Mifflin is the winner of the Wireless Zone scholarship and will be a speaker at the “Under the Big Top” Gala.

“I couldn’t see myself doing that for the rest of my life,” says David. “Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get where you want.”

David’s sacrifices led him to Goodwin, where he has thrived in the Nursing Program and risen to the top of his class. He will be a featured speaker at the “Under the Big Top” Gala, where he will share his story.

Raised in New Britain, David now lives in Cromwell and commutes to campus and to Bristol Hospital for class and clinical work.

Though intelligent and articulate, David’s educational path has included many hurdles that have taken some time to traverse.  David admits that when he was younger, he lacked the focus to stay involved in his education and fell in with the “wrong crowd,” leading him to drop out of New Britain High School.

But his educational journey hadn’t come to an end, just a pause. He enrolled in Job Corps, gaining new skills. He moved to Maine and eventually got his GED, then found work in a Farmington machine shop.

Inspired by the advice of friends, David decided that he wanted to be a nurse. That decision brought him to Goodwin College, where he has found his professional passion.

“I love nursing. I love working with people and helping them out,” David says.

Since 2010, David has been diligently working toward his degree. The work and study load has been intense, and he’s had to balance work and family with completing his degree. On a typical day, he works overnight, then takes a quick nap before studying.

David admits it has been difficult at times, but that he has found strength and inspiration in his fellow students. In turn, his sense of humor helps create a more relaxed atmosphere. “My classmates are excellent. The program is so hard, you have to find someone who shares the same anxieties that you have.”

He says through his instructors, he’s become a more competent student and that his continually pushed to do better.

“They’re helping me to make it to that finish line,” says David.

Recently, David’s hard work has begun to be rewarded. He was selected as a recipient of the VNA Healthcare Florence Nightingale Award Scholarship, given to students who have been recommended by their professors. He earned the support and endorsement of Nursing Director Jan Costello, who recommended David and fellow Nursing student Lauren Wiedrich for scholarships. Both were awarded their $500 scholarships at a May 9 event.

Mifflin says he was surprised to receive the scholarship, though it was just the start of the accolades he would soon receive. Recently, he was selected as a winner of the Wireless Zone scholarship, a $2,000 scholarship awarded to a nursing student who has progressed through the program and demonstrates extraordinary merit.


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