Monthly Community Partners Meeting

By: Hannah Stacy

On Wednesday, April 3, several community partners gathered at Goodwin College to share information about their services and ways they are serving the community. There were representatives from several partners including Greater Hartford Legal Aid, Women’s Independence Network, Sexual Assault Crisis Service, and Mutual Housing Association, and Community Health Resources.

Every month different providers throughout the Greater Hartford come together to inform, discuss, and learn about different services being offered by agencies within the community. This monthly meeting allows providers to obtain a better understanding of the criteria of eligibility, referral process, and more.

Greater Hartford Legal Aid is a not-for-profit law firm whose staff provides clients with free representation for civil legal issues. Their mission is to “achieve equal justice for poor people, to work with clients to promote social justice, and to address the effects and root causes of poverty.” Since 1958, GHLA has represented thousands of clients striving to protect their legal rights, advocate for fair solutions, and secure their basic human needs. They provide services for children such as special education, school discipline, homelessness, and rights to health care. They also handle cases for employment, disability, family, government benefits, HIV/AIDS, housing, immigration, and seniors.  For more information visit their site at or call 860-541-5000.

Women’s Independence Network (WIN) was established and designed by Gateway Financial Partners specifically to assist women in transition due to divorce or death of a spouse. WIN offers tools, resources, and support by creating a fundamental plan to be executed when experiencing this life-changing transition. They work with therapists, clinicians, family coaches/mentors, estate planning attorneys, divorce attorneys, financial advisors, and accountants to help stabilize women legally, emotionally, and financially. The Second Saturday workshop, developed by, provides a support system to build stronger, more empowered women. The workshop, offered free of charge to any student, faculty, or staff member affiliated or employed by Goodwin College, is located in room 311 on the second Saturday of every month from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Contact Stacie Corvaglia for more information at 860-652-4360 ext. 229 or

New Britain’s Sexual Assault Crisis Service (SACS) offers assistance to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones. All services are confidential and free. SACS serves towns in Hartford County, Plymouth, and part of Tolland County. SACS focuses on empowering survivors of sexual assault to make their own decisions. They provide a safe, judgment-free, healing environment for those seeking help. Confidential help is available by calling their 24-hour hotline at 1-888-999-5545. For more information visit their website:

Mutual Housing Association is committed to providing affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in greater Hartford. They are able to accomplish this through developing affordable homeownership opportunities and providing housing counseling and technical assistance for homeowners and tenants. Their Ready to Rent (R2R) program can provide those in need the confidence and knowledge to succeed until they are ready to buy their first home. If past choices have tarnished rental history, R2R can give you the tools to find new entries to good housing. For more information visit their website:

Community Health Resources (CHR) provides those who are homeless, living in shelters, or fleeing domestic violence with a place to live. Their program allows those who need a boost to get on their feet, keep their family housed, and reach their dreams.

The Community Partners Monthly meeting is open to the public. Anyone is encouraged to attend the monthly meetings to ask questions, voice opinions, and make connections with other members of the community. Face-to-face networking and collaborating with one another is much more personable in building a real connection. Meetings will be held in the Community Room from 9-10:30 on the first Wednesday of every month.


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