Ed Kobylanski Receives Nightingale Award

By: Hannah Stacy

The Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing, Connecticut’s largest statewide nursing recognition program, is bestowed upon those in the nursing field who represent the legacy and spirit of Florence Nightingale. Ed Kobylanski embodies the essence of Florence Nightingale and is fully deserving of the award that has been bestowed upon him.

Kobylanski, an Associate Professor in the Nursing department at Goodwin College, will be honored on May 9th in Hartford, Connecticut. Jan Costello, Chair of the Nursing Program at Goodwin College, believes Kobylanski is the “ultimate educator” and nominated him for this award. “He embraces an incredible amount of passion for the profession of nursing which he in turn imparts onto his students,” Costello stated.

As a longtime, 8-year Goodwin employee, he has the opportunity to touch the lives and elevate the careers of many nursing students, as evidenced by the sentiments of former students who said Kobylanski helped shape their professional paths.

A former student, Monique Burgess, recalls Kobylanski’s ability to connect with students. “He is capable of relaying his knowledge onto his students in a way that you don’t even realize you’re learning. He has such a vast knowledge and he’s just a fantastic teacher. He really has the ability to inspire everybody else to do their best and you can tell that he just absolutely loves what he does,” Burgess said.

Another former student, Alec Spooner, said Kobylanski has been a mentor to many. “He is very compassionate and takes all of his students under his wing. He helped restore faith in my career. He helped me find my path,” Spooner said.

Kobylanski received his Bachelor of Science in Medical Record Administration from Daemen College and went on to hold executive leadership and management positions in hospitals for over 29 years. Ed then attended Saint Vincent’s College and received an Associate of Science Nursing degree.  Part of the “new phenomena” of second career nurses, he decided to make this change in his life to help others. He became a registered nurse in 1998 at the age of 43. He went on to receive his Masters of Science in Nursing Management from the University of Hartford.

“Florence is known as a leader and I hope I can be a leader and educator for Goodwin College nursing students. I hope I can inspire others to find the Nightingale in themselves,” Ed stated. It is obvious that he has done just that.

Goodwin graduate Matthew Lindberg credits Kobylanski with reinvigorating his interest in the nursing profession, though the Nursing Program was a challenge to complete. “I doubted if I was going to stick with the program. Ed really turned everything around for me and helped me realize my passion and that’s something that nobody has done for me,” he said.


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  1. Martha Sgouldis

    We here at St. Vincent’s College are proud of Ed’s achievements. This award is much deserved. He has impacted the lives of hundreds of nurses in his career.
    Martha Shouldis, Ed.D., President/CEO
    St. Vincent’s College

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