Hoffman Family Library Celebrates Its Student Workers During National Library Week

An Appreciation of Student Workers

The students who work at Goodwin’s Hoffman Family Library do much more than just check out books.

One moment, student workers are helping to troubleshoot computer issues that another student might be having. The next, they are assisting students to get situated to take the Accuplacer test, a requirement for all incoming non-transfer students.

“The library wouldn’t work if we didn’t have the student workers here,” said Library Director Marilyn Nowlan.

IMG_2628This week, the Hoffman Family Library is honoring its student workers as part of a National Library Week celebration. Across the country, libraries are promoting their virtues and inviting people to see how libraries have become more than just places to check out a book or look up facts in an almanac. Led by the American Library Association, the week marks a good reason for a visit to the library or the Goodwin College Bookstore.

Tuesday has been reserved as a day to recognize the hard work of the eight students who work in Hoffman Family Library. When not taking their own classes, these students specialize in customer service and helping their classmates to understand the resources available to them.

Mark Cook, Arthur Harris, Desiree Hastings, Vaughn Martin, Leila Moshiri, Veronica Vioude, Holland Rajaniemi, and Pat Williams have all been honored for their contributions to the Library.

A Week of Special Events

The student worker recognition is hardly the only event that has taken place this week or is planned. On Monday, the Library opened a new citation booth, where students can get help properly formatting in MLA, APA, or other styles. Citing sources correctly is often one of the most difficult and tedious tasks associated with research, and the Library has the resources and patience to help students through the process.

Wednesday will be Library Snapshot Day, an initiative designed to show exactly how libraries work. It provides statistics, photos, stories, and more data to present to lawmakers on every level so the importance of libraries is not undervalued or underfunded.

On Thursday, the Hoffman Family Library will be conducting surveys to gauge what interests visitors, services desired, what the staff does well, and what the Library could do differently.

On Friday, the library will be handing out flip charts and inviting students and staff to submit requests for books, movies, and more that they would be interested in borrowing. Friday will also be the big reveal of the name for the Hoffman Family Library mascot, a stuffed lion that sits atop a shelf behind the service desk. Students have been casting votes to name the lion, and soon his identity will be revealed.


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