Scheinberg on Where We Live: “You Have to Look at Students Holistically”

Goodwin President Mark Scheinberg was a guest on the March 26 edition of NPR's "Where We Live."

Goodwin President Mark Scheinberg was a guest on the March 26 edition of NPR’s “Where We Live.”

On March 26, Goodwin College President Mark Scheinberg was invited to be a panelist at a special event hosted by National Public Radio in Hartford. In its Small Business After Hours, the panelists focused on issues facing young people entering the working world, including the transition from student to employee, building necessary skills to achieve in a given career, and the critical thinking skills that are applicable to all aspects of life.

John Dankosky, News Director at NPR and host of the statewide program Where We Live, moderated the discussion before a large audience of 150 people, representing businesses and organizations from throughout the region. The discussion was later broadcast on the April 1 edition of Where We Live, with Scheinberg providing a unique perspective on Goodwin’s approach to education and how the College serves its students, their career ambitions, and the various professional paths available.

“You have to look at students holistically,” Scheinberg said during the panel. His contributions to the discussion also included breaking the norms and constructs existing in education, as well as how appreciating a student’s worth goes beyond the liberal arts education.

All the panelists spoke eloquently on issues related to workforce education, with Bob Rath, President of the Hartford-based Our Piece of the Pie, crediting Scheinberg specifically.

“The region is fortunate to have an educational entrepreneur like Mark who is focused on this,” said Rath, whose youth development agency is committed to helping young people succeed in education and the workforce.

The entire broadcast is available here. Scheinberg’s contribution to the discussion begins at about the 21:00 mark and continues throughout the hour-long broadcast. Goodwin appreciates the opportunity provided to the College to be part of the conversation.

Additionally, NPR business reporter Harriet Jones did a report on Goodwin’s new opportunities to help employees in manufacturing fields get certified through the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council. Jones story is available here, including the audio clip.


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