Career Services Success Stories: Julies Ortiz-Navedo

Working as a cashier for a big box retailer was never what Julies Ortiz-Navedo envisioned as a career. Like many students who find their way to Goodwin College, Julies was determined to find herself in a job where she felt challenged and engaged.

Julies Ortiz-Navedo found an asset in Career Services and had a job already lined up by the time she graduated from Goodwin.

Julies Ortiz-Navedo found an asset in Career Services and had a job already lined up by the time she graduated from Goodwin.

With dedication to her goal and a helpful push from Goodwin College Career Services, Julies worked to achieve the career she has always desired and now works as a medical assistant for a pain management and physical therapy office in Hartford.

“Never give up and keep trying for what you want,” says Julies, of New Britain.

She started at Goodwin in 2009, earning a certificate in Medical Assisting. While taking classes, Julies worked in the College Bookstore, where she built a friendly rapport with much of the Goodwin community.

When she achieved her certificate, Julies sought the assistance of Career Services to help her with her résumé and interview skills. Like many job seekers, her search began with some frustration, but by further tweaking her résumé through the advice of Goodwin career counselors, new opportunities arose.

“Career Services was always on top of things,’ Julies says. “I felt that they really cared.”

She decided a certificate in Medical Assisting wasn’t enough and enrolled in the Associates program at Goodwin. Intrigued by her qualifications, employers invited her to interview for positions.

Yet with little interview experience, the process was daunting. Again, she went to Career Services, where counselors helped her develop the “soft skills” needed to perform well in an interview, as well as advice for helping Julies to develop her own questions for the people and businesses where she would be interviewing. In essence, she says, Career Services was with her “every step of the way.”

“They helped me to do everything,” says Julies. “I was really impressed by how much they really cared and how they would go out of their way to help me.”

In fact, Julies already had a job lined up by the time she graduated from Goodwin.

Julies has been working at a Hartford practice for over a year. Each day, she checks on patients, performs drug screenings, takes vitals, and helps prepare each client for their visits. She enjoys her job and encourages everyone to seek careers where they will be happy.

She has a few tips for students and graduates who are seeking employment. Julies says it is helpful to have questions prepared to ask and interviewer, and once the interview has concluded, always send a note thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration.


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