Goodwin Nursing: 1,000 and Counting

From helping welcome new life into the world to caring for the sick and elderly in their last moments, Goodwin College Nursing graduates have experienced the full gamut of what their profession has to offer.

Over 1,000 Goodwin Nursing grads have cared for patients one-on-one through clinical assignments, experiencing firsthand the moments that can be heartwarming, and at times, heart-wrenching. This direct approach to patient care prepares Goodwin’s graduates to become leaders in the nursing field.

Program Director Jan Costello with graduating nurses at the August. 2012 pinning.

Program Director Jan Costello with graduating nurses at the August. 2012 pinning.

On Thursday, December 13, Goodwin will reach a milestone by graduating its 1,000th person from its Associates Degree in Nursing program, which has grown to be the largest in the state of Connecticut.

“What is more important than the number of nurses who have graduated from Goodwin College is the quality of those nurses,” Goodwin College President Mark E. Scheinberg said. “All credit goes to an incredible faculty and staff, who value quality bedside care above every other skill our students master.”

The College began the Nursing program in 2004 with the goal of addressing a statewide and national shortage of nurses. Goodwin sought to give its nursing students a well-rounded and complete education, producing qualified and eager graduates.

“Eight years ago, most published references to the word ‘nursing’ were followed by the word ‘shortage,’” Scheinberg said. “The nursing shortage remains a national issue, but Connecticut is now in better shape than most states.  We believe Goodwin College has been part of this success.”

Healthcare is a demanding field which requires nurses who are not only skilled and well-educated, but also empathetic and nurturing. Goodwin’s Nursing program seeks to foster those qualities, both acquired and natural, that create great professionals who make a great impact on their profession.

“We are graduating students that understand both the art and science of nursing, and as a result we graduate nurses who are very caring and compassionate,” said Jan Costello, Director of Goodwin College Nursing Program.

“We have many second career people among our students and graduates,” Costello continued. “They chose nursing because they have a passion for it.”

Nursing is not only the most popular program at Goodwin College, but is also one of the most challenging and demanding. Students must fulfill requirements in the classroom and in the field, taking on clinical assignments in hospitals and clinics.

The program fosters a diverse background of students where the atypical has become typical. Like much of Goodwin’s student population, the College’s prospective nurses come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Some start at Goodwin College right after graduating from high school. Others are professionals seeking new career paths in a meaningful field, and some are even grandparents seeking to fulfill lifelong ambitions of giving back and caring for the sick.

Costello said that many of the students enrolled in the program balance extremely busy lives following their passion to become nurses, including family responsibilities and full-time jobs. Goodwin College supports these students through tutoring, peer mentorship, and flexible class scheduling.

RNAug12__001The College held its first pinning in August 2005, after founding the Nursing program in 2004. Since its inception, the program has grown into the largest in the state, with more Goodwin-educated nurses entering the workforce each year.

Thursday’s pinning ceremony will be a special event for students, faculty, and family alike. Each graduate will dress all in white and one-by-one is called to receive their pins, which represent their readiness to enter the field. Once reassembled, the lights will dim and the students recite their oath by candlelight.

The ceremony draws on the legacy of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, whose dedication to her patients and steadfastness in their care have made her a hero to generations of nurses.

Many who complete the Associates Degree program are now returning to Goodwin to seek their Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing. The RN-to-BSN program is one of several four-year Bachelor’s Degree programs that the College offers.


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