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Goodwin Students Weather the Storm

While the College dealt with lost power, our students were also dealing with the carnage Hurricane Sandy caused. Hannah Stacy interviewed several students about their experiences during the storm, including how they weathered the situation and how effectively Goodwin was able to communicate with them during the emergency.

Angelica Barbagallo

Angelica stayed with her boyfriend in Prospect during the storm. They lost power from 8 p.m. Monday night until the following morning. There was a downed wire, but it was fixed by the next day. Angelica was able to find out right away that school was cancelled through the website. She also kept in touch with friends at Goodwin and one of her professors.

Angelica said that last year during the snow storm she wasn’t really able to find information easily about cancellations, but this year was much better.

Lisa Cousineau

Lisa, from East Windsor, had no troubles during the storm. “I was prepared for it to be a lot worse than it was.” She wasn’t able to get in contact with one of her professors because he lost power, but luckily her assignment was extended.

Although the storm didn’t affect Lisa directly, she has many friends in New York City who are in recovery mode. There were massive amounts of flooding and power outages and residents are not able to use the subways.

Christine Sousa

Christine, from Wethersfield, did not lose power during Sandy. She received a text the first day alerting her to the fact that school was cancelled. Although she knew not to come to school, she did not receive any emails from Goodwin until this morning. “The alerting system is better than it was last year.”

Christine’s grandfather lives in Old Lyme and he has been stuck in his house due to the flooding. She has been able to contact him over the phone, but cannot get to him. She is hoping he will be able to leave his house today.

Chelsea Platt

Chelsea, a Middletown resident, did not lose power, but was without cable, internet, and phone for 24 hours. She was not able to go on Goodwin’s website or watch the news, but she stayed in contact with her neighbor who is also a student at Goodwin and was able to receive emails through her phone alerting them of the cancellations.

Chelsea’s sister lives in Madison and is still without power.

Nicole Medley

Nicole, from Vernon, did not lose power and did not receive any emails from Goodwin until this morning. However, she did receive two phone calls alerting her of the cancellations. Nicole works at a Pediatrician’s office, which was closed for two days.

Nicole’s parents live in upstate New York and a pine tree fell on her father’s truck during the hurricane.

Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer, from Tolland, was not able to leave her house because trees and power lines had fallen on her street. Jennifer was prepared for a power outage, but was not prepared to be stuck at home for so long. She was out of power and could not leave to get gas, food, or do anything else for about three full days.

Jennifer and her three children lit candles and played board games to keep busy. The town of Tolland was prepared to move the power lines and trees, but needed permission from Connecticut Light & Power.  When CL&P finally came to clear the power lines Jennifer’s power came back on around 7 p.m. One of Jennifer’s children was not able to attend school yesterday at Manchester Community College even though class was in session.

Even without power and cable, Jennifer stated, “This was the first time Goodwin was amazing at keeping students updated.” Goodwin called her cell phone and posted updates on Facebook as well.