“Conversations on Leadership” Brings Employees Together

Sometimes, teamwork is a tough balancing act, which was proved quite literally on Thursday with a little help from a Hula Hoop.

Dozens of Goodwin employees participated in “Conversations on Leadership,” a series of  panel discussions led by College staff. Guests from other colleges and organizations also contributed to the panels, which saw employees take on hypothetical challenges and examine different issues affecting the workplace.

The Employee Development Committee presented the seminars, with participants choosing two of four topics.

Cassandra Tierney, a Goodwin College Science Professor, discusses how she balances teaching with research.

Cassandra Tierney, a Goodwin College Science Professor, discusses how she balances teaching with research.

Women in Science featured Sandra Affenito, Dean of the University of St. Joseph School of Health and Natural Sciences. Goodwin College Science Professor Cassandra Tierney and St. Joseph Biology Professor Irene Guttilla also contributed on the issues facing female science professors and instructors advance in a field historically dominated by men.

Concurrently, Goodwin managers, including Provost Ann Clark, Assistant Dean of Students Angela Skyers, and Early Childhood Development and Child Studies Director Lori Blake, presented a seminar on conflict resolution. Among other issues, the seminar examined hypothetical situations of decisions managers must make when trying to balance the needs of the organization with its employees.

Later, a Hula Hoop provided the challenge during a seminar Characteristics of Effective Work Teams. The hoop was suspended between a group of employees, who held it aloft using just their fingertips and attempted to raise it up and down while keeping it level. Goodwin Human Resources Director Jean McGill, Social Science, Business, and Education Chair Cliff Thermer, and Professor Michael Wolter led the seminar, which emphasized the importance of every member of a team.

IMG_8433The panel on Balancing Work and Life presented an opportunity for participants to discuss and analyze how difficult it can be to maintain a career while also contending with home and family life. Dean of Students Sandy Wirth and General Education Chair Sharon Koch offered differing perspectives on the role of technology. Courtney Brooks, a familiar face to the 70 or so employees who undertake the Weight Watchers at Work challenge, offered tips on making time for the things that are personally important while balancing professional responsibilities.


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