“Life After Goodwin” Panelists Impart Wisdom, Advice

As daunting as a job search can be, Goodwin College students received some helpful advice on Thursday from many people who have successfully navigated a career path.

Over a dozen alumni returned to the College to speak about “Life After Goodwin,” telling their own stories of what direction their respective careers have taken since they received their diplomas. The panelists, representing many of the programs offered at the College, shared their job hunting experiences and what led them to seeking their selected careers.

“You have to stay positive,” alum Ana Hernandez said. “You will struggle, but it’s all worth it in the end.”

Hernandez graduated from Goodwin in 2011 from the Medical Billing and Coding program. She told the audience that she was always intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes in the doctor’s office, and is happy working in a radiology center.

For people like Kathryn Monroe, the right career can be elusive. She decided to seek a Nursing degree after spending years working in the insurance industry. After graduating from Goodwin, she found a job as a clinical care nurse at St. Francis Medical Center.

“It is an opportunity to change your life and to make something of your life that you want,” Monroe said, of her decision to change careers and enroll at Goodwin.

Others, like Regina Hurley, find themselves happy in career fields that they never would have expected. Hurley is a graduate of the Goodwin Homeland Security program.

Regina Hurley, a graduate of the Goodwin College Homeland Security program, was one of several alums to share their post-Goodwin experiences.

“If someone told me five years ago that I would be in homeland security, I’d tell them they were out of their minds,” Hurley said. Now she finds herself on the brink on a Master’s degree in the discipline.

Athania Ramos, a graduate of the Human Services program, has found her passion working to help nurture children and develop strong families. She told the audience that people in her career field don’t get the biggest paychecks, but she loves her job and looks forward to going to work.

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it,” she said.

The alumni offered tips to the audience to help students in their job searches. Among the advice was to be patient and persistent, network and make face-to-face contact with employers, and research the people and organizations where students would apply to work. Have résumés prepared, because one never knows when a job opportunity might present itself.

The alumni also warned the audience to be careful about what they put online, especially on social media sites. Hirers research their candidates, and finding incriminating photos or evidence of illegal activity can end a job prospect before it begins.

Teshema Oates, a graduate of the Medical Assisting program, encouraged the students to stand out from others. She told them to stand out from other applicants or employees by working harder, staying later, and showing enthusiasm.

Nursing graduate Jean Farber said it was wonderful to find herself in a career where she can touch people’s lives. As to finding that perfect career, she offered this advice. “Have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard.”

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  1. Carlita R B Cotton, MDiv, PhD, Adjunct Professor

    My ASD 088 Class thoroughly enjoyed this session and recommended that it be repeated for future GAP student groups.
    Dr. Carlita R B Cotton

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