As Frank Amodio Leaves BOT Leadership Post, a Look at a Noteworthy Legacy

By Hannah Stacy

Frank Amodio, real estate broker and owner of the privately held Amodio & Co. and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Goodwin College up until last month, has contributed his time and effort in making sure that Goodwin prospers as an institution. Not only does he have a passion for the College as a whole, but he also cares deeply about the students and their personal success.

A resident of Farmington, Frank graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in business management. He has been in the real estate business for many years with his family and has experience in the moving and storage business.

Frank Amodio, the former Chairman of the Goodwin College Board of Trustees, addresses graduates at a previous Commencement ceremony.

After joining an organization the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), he met Mark Scheinberg, the President of Goodwin College. Over the years they conversed about their own businesses and ideas. “When Scheinberg spoke about his institute I became very interested in what he was doing. Shortly after Goodwin was formed he asked me to serve on the board,” he said.

Frank recalled the first graduation in the new building on Riverside Drive: “Everybody was really so proud that the college had its own new building with such a nice setting and campus.” Frank even postponed his honeymoon so he could attend this special day.

Bylaws state that a board member may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. Eight of those years he served as the Chair of the Committee at Goodwin. Currently, he is serving on the board of the Goodwin College Foundation, the Investment Committee, the Goodwin College Board of Trustees, and the Building Committee.

“I feel very positive about Goodwin. I especially enjoy hearing the student’s stories,” he said.

The program that he is most proud of is the MOVE (Men of Vision in Education) program, which is meant to help transition at-risk male students into a college setting and assist those who have barriers to education.

He has seen firsthand how the program has changed their lives for the better, he said. “It’s been very successful and I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the students.”

Frank speaks fondly of the other board members and of his experience at Goodwin College. “At the last board meeting I told the Trustees how I was really sad that my tenure had ended because I really enjoyed every bit of it. I am very happy that Dr. Maria Ellis will be the new Board Chair. I really feel that she will do an even better job.”

“I really want to thank my fellow board members and the staff for the opportunity to jure the board and for all their help in making Goodwin the great place that it is.”

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