Half Moon Returns to Goodwin

EAST HARTFORD – Goodwin College welcomed a good friend back to town as the replica ship Half Moon returned to the River Campus, visiting from upstate New York.

The ship – a sailing museum replica of Henry Hudson’s 1609 vessel that the explorer captained during one of his voyages to the New World – is docked at the College until next week. It arrived at Goodwin’s deep-river dock on the Connecticut River last week, and remained here during Hurricane Sandy. The ship was unscathed by the storm.

The Half Moon

Connecticut River Academy Sophomore Gregory Bell holds tight to the rigging as the Half Moon arrives at Goodwin College.

The College welcomed the public to visit the Half Moon on Saturday, October 27, and Sunday, October 28. Crew members of the Half Moon gave tours of the ship, explained its significance in 17th Century exploration, and discussed life at sea during the Age of Discovery.

The ship is docked behind 133 Riverside Drive at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Ensign Street in East Hartford.

The Half Moon is visiting Goodwin College for the fifth consecutive year, bringing thousands of people to the River Campus to see the historic ship.

As with past years, this year’s visit included a Voyage of Discovery for students at Goodwin’s Connecticut River Academy, an interdistrict magnet high school located on the College campus. About two dozen students participated in this year’s voyage, with one group helping to navigate the ship from upstate New York to New Haven and the second group from New Haven to East Hartford.

For more information on the Half Moon, visit http://www.halfmoon.mus.ny.us/livinghistory.htm.


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