This Week @ Goodwin 11/7/11

So, where were we? Thank you for everyone’s patience as we waited for power to be restored to campus. We shared the inconvenience, and now as Goodwin gets back to normal, let’s see what’s happening.

The Lead

Revised Registration, Financial Aid Statement Schedules: Chief among questions related to last week’s closings were about pending registration and the master financial aid acknowledgement due prior to registering for classes. Regarding the latter, the College has extended the deadline for turning in the Master Acknowledgement Form. It is now due in the Financial Aid Office no later than Wednesday, November 9, at 8 p.m. 

As for registration, the start date for selected programs has been moved to Wednesday, November 9, to allow for additional advising. Students may begin registering in their respective programs on the days listed. Registration for the Spring Session will remain open until midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Full details are available online, but here’s the summary:

Wednesday, November 9: Registration opens for students in Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, OTA, Environmental Studies, Histology, and Phlebotomy.

Thursday, November 10: Registration begins for students in ECE, Child Study, Human Services, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Business Administration, and General Studies.

Friday, November 11: Registration begins for students in Nursing, Respiratory Care, and the Paramedic program.

Wednesday, November 16: Registration begins for students in Health Sciences.   

Financial Aid Disbursement Checks Available: Another frequently asked question was the status of the financial aid disbursement checks. They are available and will be handed out to students. If you are set to receive a disbursement, please stop by the Financial Aid Office.

Still Without Power or Hot Water? Showers Available.  As of Monday, thousands of Connecticut residents were still without electrical power at home due to the recent storm, including some members of our Goodwin family. If you are among those still affected, please know that the showers here at the College are available for your use as needed until your area’s power is restored.

As in the past, the showers will be available daily from 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Please contact Liz Bessette at, or 860-913-2037, and she will reserve a shower for you based on your preference.  Given the number of people on campus at this time, please do not use any of the showers unless you have first confirmed with Liz that they are available. 

Graduation 2012: Save the Date! The Goodwin College Class of 2012 will graduate on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Commencement will take place here on campus, and it will once again be held outside, rain or shine. If you expect to graduate this year, save the date! Contact David Zoppoli for more information. More details will be published as the date approaches.

Employees: Please Review Payroll Info Re: Closures : If you have yet to fill out a time card for the pay period ending October 29, please fill out your time card and submit it to your manager no later than Tuesday, November 8, at 10 a.m.

As for documenting hours from last week, Human Resources Director Jean McGill sent out a memo today advising you on how to fill out your time cards for the campus closures. All the details are available here.

Activities and Events

Crisis Communications Summit Thursday in Community Room: What lessons were learned from Tropical Storm Irene and the recent October Nor’easter? Did leaders and organizations improve their communication strategies during times of crisis? On Thursday, a panel of Goodwin College officials will discuss that question during an evening seminar marking the Connecticut UPA World Usability Day. The event will open at 6 p.m. and includes an open forum where all are welcome to share their ideas.

Goodwin Goes to the Movies – Monday, Nov. 21: Forget Dr. House – humor and good bedside manner are important in the practice of medicine. On Monday, November 21 at 6 p.m., Goodwin Goes to the Movies presents Critical Care, a 1997 satire starring James Spader, Kyra Sedgwick, and Albert Brooks. Please join us in the Community Room.

Mr. and Ms. Goodwin – Saturday, Dec. 3: Start the buzz for the second edition of the College’s fantastic talent and fashion showcase! This year, a Ms. Goodwin will be crowned along with Mr. Goodwin. Rehearsals will soon be underway and the event itself will be held in Auditorium on Saturday, December 3, at 7 p.m. Last year’s event was a tremendous success. Let’s do even better in Year Two! For more information, please contact Kim Beebe.  An after-party will be held following the ceremony, with special guest DJ Big Steph.

Holiday Extravaganza in New York – Saturday, Dec. 10: Tickets are going fast for the Holiday Extravaganza in New York City, sponsored by the Goodwin College Alumni Association. In fact, bus-only tickets have sold out, but there is still time to purchase a combo pack with the bus trip and the Radio City Music Spectacular, featuring the World Famous Rockettes!

You are invited to join students, alumni, staff, and family for the Manhattan bus trip on Saturday, Dec. 10. See Times Square, the tree at Rockefeller Center, do some shopping, and enjoy some of New York’s famous restaurants.

The cost is $119 per person for the trip and the ticket to the 4:30 p.m. show. The bus leaves  the River Campus at 9:30 a.m. and boards in New York at 7:30 p.m. To reserve tickets, contact Alumni Relations Coordinator Vanessa Pergolizzi.

ECE Presents Tabs for Tots

Those little tabs on your soda cans can yield some important surgeries for children in need! Be on the lookout for collection cans during the Early Childhood Education Program’s Tabs for Tots. Every tab donated equals 2 cents to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield. The money will go toward providing surgery and other care to underprivileged children. Contact Professor Kimberly Mansfield for more information.


New Work Study Position at the Connecticut River Academy: The Connecticut River Academy is looking for a Work Study student for a new clerical position. Full information is available here. If you are interested in the position, contact Alan Kramer, Dean of Magnet Schools, at

Want to Share the Goodwin E-News with Others: Have friends who would be interested in learning more about Goodwin? Now your friends can stay “in the know” about Goodwin College and the Foundation by subscribing to our e- and/or mail- distribution lists. Simply send this link to them: and they can subscribe themselves today!         

Clubs, Activities, and Features  

Goodwin Students Battle Staff in Indoor Soccer this Thursday: Both of Goodwin College’s Indoor Soccer Teams made their debuts last week. Unfortunately, the season didn’t get off to a great start for the Goodwin Staff, which dropped its opener to More Cowbell, and the student Navigators, which lost to ING. On Thursday, it will be a Goodwin Grudge Match as the Staff take on the Navigators for glory. The game kicks off at Oakwood in Glastonbury at 10:30 p.m.

Tango Lessons – Tuesday, Nov. 15, 5 p.m.: Who doesn’t want to learn to dance a great Tango? The Ballroom Dancing Club will cover the tango during the next meeting on Tuesday, November 1. Classes run from 5 to 5:45 p.m. in the Community Room. No experience or partners required: if you want to dance, please join us! The cost is $12 for employees and $6 for students. Please wear shoes that allow easy movement across the floor (no sneakers please, and no heels required for women). For more information, contact Amanda Daddona.

Goodwin College Fantasy Football Update: As the NFL season hits its midpoint, the College’s own Employee Fantasy Football League is heating up, and the standings indicate that the ladies are beating up on the gentlemen. All three divisions (Navigator, Trailblazer, and Half Moon) are led by female staff members, respectively Liz Bessette, Stephanie Alcazar, and Kim Beebe. League Commissioner Eric Emet was making a push to the top before being bested by Jon Slifka in Week 7, to the amusement of all. In total, 18 people are vying for the Scheinberg Cup, to be awarded to the winner of the league’s inaugural year. 

Cafe Soup Menu

Monday – Tomato Basil      

Tuesday – Potato and Leek       

Wednesday – Sausage Tortellini       

Thursday – Chicken and Rice 

Friday – Chef’s Choice


We had most of you stumped on the category from a few weeks ago on controversial world leaders. However, a few of you were successful in matching the countries to their despotic, dictatorial, or otherwise stubborn heads of state. Congrats to Paul LaRocca. He was selected as the winner of the free soda from the bookstore. Recap:

1. Rafael “El Jefe” Trujillo (1942-52) – Dominican Republic

2. Idi Amin (1971-79)  –  Uganda

3. Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier (1957-71) – Haiti

4. Kim-Il Sung (1972-94) – North Korea  

5. Robert Mugabe (1987-present) – Zimbabwe

This Week: More Power!

Many people have been without power for more than a week following the Nor’easter. However, prior to the 20th Century, living without electricity was the norm. Two schools of thought emerged on power distribution in battle of innovators that became known as the “War of Currents.” Thomas Edison promoted Direct Current (DC) form of distribution. His chief rival advocated the Alternating Current (AC), continuing a fierce competition between the two men. For the chance to win a free soda, tell us: who was Edison’s biggest rival? Also, what famous rocker played that man in the 2006 thriller The Prestige? 

Please email your responses to Matt at

Thanks and have a great week!  If you know of anyone new to Goodwin, either as a student or employee, please forward us their email address.

If you have something you’d like included in upcoming newsletters, please email us at by the end of the week preceding your announcement.


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